This camp is thoughtfully laid out to teach you the basics of long toss throwing, take you through the process of actually developing your throwing and exercises you should do before and after throwing to make your arm more resilient to throwing more and throwing harder. The advantage you will have over your peers that aren't working on their game this summer will be immediately noticed by your coach this fall or next spring!

Course Curriculum

Hi, I’m Dan McIntosh

I was fortunate to work 7 years with the Toronto Blue Jays where I got to see the work ethic and attention to detail that separated the best from the good players.

I understand how disappointed many youth baseball players are this summer with little to no baseball going on, but that doesn't mean we can't continue to work on our game and still improve so that we can contribute more to the team when baseball gets going again.

I have taught this program live in person in the past, but have now adapted it to this online platform and feel GREAT about the finished product! It will walk you through the steps of understanding what we are trying to achieve with Long Toss, doing Long Toss, and recovering properly afterward.

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This course is closed for enrollment.

Please contact for pricing for larger groups such as an organization wide enrollment. [email protected]